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Terms of Use

ARTICLE 1 Seller’s Information

Company Name :Longran Mutfak Cihazları A.Ş.

Mersis No: 0772063121500015

Address: LONGRAN MUTFAK CİHAZLARI SAN. TİC. A.Ş. Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Mah. 1992. Sk. No:14/107 Esenyurt/İSTANBUL

Telephone :+90 (850) 200 08 80
Call Center :+90 (850) 200 08 80
E-Mail: [email protected]
Complaint Line :+90 (850) 200 08 80

ARTICLE 2 Buyer’s Information

Name Surname / Title:
Delivery address:
IP address 

Delivery shall be made via cargo by Ukinox and/or Authorized Service which is appointed by Ukinox within 10 days after the order delivery above is approved. Public holidays and religious/national days are not counted for this period. During the delivery, customer shall sign delivery record after inspecting the product. Customer or the person acting on behalf of customer shall declare that they have received the product in full, without damage by signing this delivery record. Cargo/shipment fee is not taken. The validity of these assurances including the price is 30 days beginning from the date of order.

The aforementioned product fee is collected by “Longran Mutfak Cihazları A.Ş.” in the name of seller. Buyer shall be considered to have paid the product fee to seller by paying product/service fee to Longran Mutfak Cihazları A.Ş.

ARTICLE 3 Subject

The subject of this agreement includes the determination of the parties’ rights and responsibilities according to the provisions of Consumer Protection Law Number 6502 and Distance Contract Regulations which has been prepared based on the aforementioned law regarding the sale and delivery of the products/product of which characteristics and price are stated in the article 3 below within the borders of country as the subject of the contract in electronic media by “Customer” in Ukinox website (http://www.ukinox.com.tr).

ARTICLE 4 Basic Characteristics and Payment Information of Product as Subject of Sale

4.1 Information related to the definition, unit price, amount and payment terms of products are stated below and also have been approved by Buyer.

Your basket summary

4.2. Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 (fourteen) days beginning from the date they delivered the product without paying any penalty or indicating any reason.

If customer wishes to use the right of withdrawal, customer must make a withdrawal statement about the order in cancellation return procedures available in the website from which he/she made the purchase within the period of withdrawal. After the withdrawal statement which is made within the defined period, product is received by Authorized Service directed by Call Center. Ukinox returns total amount it had received and all kinds of documents which made customer become indebted within 14 (fourteen) days beginning from the date that it had received the notification of withdrawal without requiring any payments from customer. Consumer is not held liable from the changes and disruptions occurring on the item if consumer used it according to its operation, technical specifications and user manuals. From the goods with opened protective elements such as package, tape, seal, pack after delivery; the withdrawal right shall not be used for the items of which return is not appropriate due to health and hygiene rules.


5.1."Customer” accepts and declares that they have read preliminary information regarding to basic characteristics, sale price, payment method and delivery of the product which was sold in http://www.ukinox.com.tr website stated in Article 3 and provide the necessary confirmation about those subjects in electronic media.

5.2."Customer" declared and accepted that the customer must fill in the address and the personal information related to delivery in full and implement the payment procedures according to information provided in website for the delivery of product to be made in time and accurately.

5.3. Product/products purchased by customer is/are delivered to the person on delivery address which customer stated within 10 business day beginning from the order confirmation, provided that it does not exceed legal period of 30 (thirty) days.

5.4. If “Customer” indicated another person or organization for delivery, customer cannot hold Ukinox responsible for the rejection of delivery by the aforementioned person or organization.

5.5."Customer" must inspect the product during delivery.

5.6. Ukinox is liable for the product to be delivered intact, without deficiency, and according to the features which are stated in the order and with guarantee documents and operating manual, if available.

5.7. If Ukinox cannot fulfil its obligations about product’s delivery becoming impossible due to force majeure such as, including but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, general strike, interruption of transport, it is liable to notify the “Customer” about the situation. In this case, “Customer” can wait for he force majeure event to cease without the period of performance liability of Ukinox ends or demand another product with the same quality and price or request the payment to be returned. Ukinox is liable to return the payment within 14 days, if Customer requests it.

5.8.Ukinox is not held liable for the errors which may occur due to technical reasons in the website regarding the products .

5.9. If there are no applicable provisions in this agreement, the provisions of Consumer Protection Law Number 6502 and Distance Contract Regulation which has been provided based on the law will be applied.

5.10. Customer can make their applications about their complaints and objections in consumer court or arbitration board of the location where they reside or purchased the goods or service within the monetary limitations stated in each December every year by R.T. Ministry of Customs and Trade.

5.11.Since the products being sold as packages within the scope of campaigns are sold with favorable prices exclusively to the campaign, return and cancellation rights can be used for the entire package.


This agreement has been drawn up between the parties on the date ....... Customer accepted, declared and undertook that they have read and accepted all information and terms within this agreement both on website before and after the order.

ARTICLE 10 - Other Provisions

Long Distance Sales Agreement stage will be initiated up after this Preliminary Briefing Form is read and accepted by Buyer in electronic media.

I hereby confirm that I have obtained preliminary information stated in this Preliminary Briefing Form.

Seller :Longran Mutfak Cihazları A.Ş.