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The Palate Cracking Flavor: Tiramisu

  • 40 minutes
  • Middle
  • 6 Persons

Literally “Cheer me up.”, “Pull me up.” Here is your most original recipe for Tiramisu.

We have come to you with a dessert that we are used to hearing about in recent years. Being both satisfying, delicious and light, it is one of the first names that come to mind during coffee breaks and when guests are hosted. You can also find the recipe for this Italian dessert, which takes the leading role in the kitchens easily and does not give up easily. If you want to add a different taste to Tiramisu, which has spread all over the world with its delicious taste, although it originated in Italy, you can choose cognac or almond liqueur. These flavors, each of which are in harmony with the dominant aroma of coffee, attract the attention of some sweet lovers. However, let's add that coffee is one of the best accompaniments to tiramisu. It is possible to find many different recipes for Tiramisu, which contains relatively fewer calories, is prepared in a much shorter time and effortlessly. It is also possible to make tiramisu with cat tongue or sponge cake for those who go beyond what is written in the book and want to try alternative ways. You can even prefer ready-made desserts in the markets. However, the recipe we give will be the most ideal choice for you to experience the closest to the unique and delicate tastes of Italian cuisine. As Ukinox, this is our motivation while adding aesthetics to kitchens; We know that we beautify the places that are the source of taste and well-being. That's why we come up with a recipe worthy of your network. In any case, nothing bad could be expected from Italian cuisine. Literally “Cheer me up.”, “Pull me up.” Here is your most original recipe for Tiramisu. Materials: 500 g mascarpone cheese 6 eggs 150 g sugar 200ml espresso 1 pack of saviordi cookies 1 pinch of cocoa Let's also mention that the ingredients we gave for a real Italian Tiramisu above are for a 10-person Tiramisu. So, you can try using half of each measure if you plan on making it for fewer people

Preparation of: 

First, separate the yolk and white of the eggs and put them in separate bowls. Add half of the sugar you will use to the yolks of the egg. Start mixing. Continue this process until the sugar dissolves and is completely mixed. Add the rest of the sugar to the whites in the other bowl and mix. Keep mixing until the egg whites become foamy. Put the mascarpone cheese, egg yolk and white in the same bowl and mix with a wooden spoon. Make sure that these three mix well.

Take the 200 ml espresso you prepared earlier in a bowl and soak the saviordi cookies with espresso. After wetting half of the package, arrange it in a not very deep rectangular container. Make sure that there is not too much space between them and that they are not too cramped. Spread the mascarpone mixture that you just prepared on the biscuits. Lay the remaining cookies on this mortar and put the remaining mascarpone mixture on the second layer of biscuits you have arranged. It's time to decorate. You can garnish it with plenty of cocoa. Cocoa will also add an exquisite note to your recipe with its taste.

Now, before you taste the tiramisu, which is ready with everything, you will have to wait for 4 hours in the refrigerator. At the end of 4 hours, you can even take it out and serve it.

When you want to prepare a nice surprise with your loved ones or for yourself, after applying the Tiramisu recipe, which you can easily prepare, the most enjoyable step remains; enjoy your meal... So bon appetit to you in advance. :)


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